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Oscar Wilde

Last prose ever written by Oscar Wilde, De Profundis is the letter the writer sent to his former lover, Lord Alfred Douglas, from Reading gaol, where Wilde was confined due to the social scandal caused by the discovery of their love-relationship. 


Deep portrait of human relationships, of social hypocrisy, of life, of Nature, of truth, of the beauty that survives in spite of that hypocrisy. A unique document about love.


“I have never tried to play Oscar Wilde on stage as if he were a theatre character, trying to reflect his lack of health after those two years in prison, his tiredness… With this De Profundis I have only tried to give myself in a way that his feelings, his emotions, his thoughts could be expressed leaving aside the filter of his physical circumstances. And, above all, I have tried to honor what he lived and shares here with us”. Iker Ortiz de Zarate

LENGTH  90 min.

AUTHOR  Oscar Wilde

DIRECTOR / ACTOR Iker Ortiz de Zarate


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