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A Basque cottage, isolated by the snow storm. Two persons, face to face. In their past, a wound difficult to heal: one of them lost the man he loved in an attack; the other one is the mother of the man who committed that attack. A desiderable solution, a demand of forgiveness, a reason not to forgive… So now? Two persons who talk with no censorship, from those thoughts often used as simple panflets, to those higher thoughts, reached through individual reflection, through experience. These two persons´ story, which tries to spread reflection on the subject from the stage, is not what we could have foreseen.


CAST Teresa Ibáñez, Iker Ortiz de Zarate

PLAYWRIGHT / DIRECTOR Iker Ortiz de Zarate

LENGTH 90 min


This piece was staged by the first time ever at the Principal Theatre of Vitoria Gasteiz, on june 2nd 2011

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