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ORTZAI ACTING SCHOOL, an International Artistic Project

for Vitoria Gasteiz.


ORTZAI is founded in 2005 by actor Iker Ortiz de Zarate. After having the honour to study with some greatest teachers of our time in New York, Paris and Madrid, Iker Ortiz de Zarate developed his career mainly in the United Kingdom, where he played the main male character of Michael Winterbottom´s “Under the Sun”. Thirteen years later, he came back to his town, with the will to give back here what he had acquired during that time abroad.


He found the support of an enthusiastic team, specially the support of his mother, actress Teresa Ibáñez, the person truly to thank for being crucial on Iker´s way to accomplish his artistic and professional path. In these years, many actors trained in ORTZAI have become well known for their success in Television, Cinema and Theatre. And ORTZAI is recurrently invited worldwide to teach and run workshops addressed to actors, dancers, musicians, as well as to coaching and health professionals. The USA, Cuba, Greece, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Finland… several countries have hosted ORTZAI´s workshops, and students from all the continents have come to Vitoria Gasteiz to know ORTZAI´s work in the very heart of the old town.

A highest standard training, worldwide

renowned teachers…

ORTZAI proposes an encounter around Theatre, Arts, Aesthetic and Ethic Reflection… an encounter that, like a path walked in good company, lasts in this little forum of the old town of Vitoria Gasteiz. On the wings of Theatre, a trip through all sensations, ideas and emotions.






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